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Mobility Scooters

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There are many different shapes and sizes of mobility scooters, each designed for a different purpose, there are 4 main categories:

Portable Boot Mobility Scooters - these come apart into 5 pieces to fit in the boot of a car, they do require assembling and disassembling which can be challenging for some people (especially if you can't bend down) the weight of the parts can vary by quite a lot depending on the model, this can range between around 10-20kg (22-44lbs), the battery type also makes a big difference in weight as lithium batteries are extremely light (but more expensive) whereas lead acid batteries are cheaper and heavier, lighter materials such as aluminium will also play a part in the weight but come with an added cost. These are usually smaller mobility scooters but some are medium-sized, the bigger the heavier normally though. Range on a charge varies from between 6 and 30 miles. Best for smoothish terrain with occasional bumps or grass. Lights and suspension are available on some models, top speed is 4mph.

Folding Mobility Scooters - these fold either electrically with a remote control or manually into a small package around the size of a suitcase, this is great for shopping, coach trips or plane journeys. Pay attention to the folding mechanisms and weight though, automatic folding mobility scooters can weigh in excess of 30kg (66lbs) which is much too heavy for many people to lift, in this case you will need either an able bodied person to help you or an aid such as a hoist to lift the scooter in to the car for you, a manual folding one will be lighter or you could choose a dismantlable portable boot mobility scooter instead. Due to the folding nature of these scooters battery life is usually 10 miles or less and they are best kept on smooth terrain. Lights and suspension are very rare in the effort to save weight, top speed is 4mph.

Medium Path Mobility Scooters - path scooters are larger than boot scooters and are designed for longer journeys of up to 25 miles over more varied terrain, they have bigger wheels and often pneumatic tyres which will give a softer ride, suspension is sometimes available also. Some path scooters come with a captain's chair which has a higher back and headrest for extra comfort, some of the path scooters we sell also come apart to go in a car if necessary but they are quite heavy. Path scooters are medium-large size and will usually fit through a doorway or gate and can be taken in to many larger shops. Top speed is 4mph.

Large Road Mobility Scooters - These are designed to be used on the road (although you don't have to!) for this reason they are faster and have lights, indicators, larger wheels, larger frames and bigger seats, they almost always have suspension too. These vary in size from large to huge, a smaller one will still fit through a normal door frame and can go in larger shops whereas a huge one will need to be left outside of most shops and will need a dedicated space for storage. Large scooters are very comfortable and can cover ranges of up to 35 miles so are ideal as a replacement for a car. Top speed can be 6-8mph but 8mph is much more common, this can be turned down though at any point using the speed adjustment knob.

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