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Return Policy

We are happy to accept returns within 14 days of purchase or delivery (whichever is later).

If any product is damaged we may deduct a suitable amount of money for which it would take to get the product back to the condition it was sold in or if we are unsure whether it can be done, is worth doing financially or that we believe there may be problems that cannot be seen without extensive investigative work we may refuse entirely, all of this is decided by us or our agents alone and we will not be made to explain our decision.

Once we agree to accept a return or refund we may take up to 30 days to complete this (including collection of items where necessary).

Returns must be returned the same way the product was purchased, if we delivered it we will collect, if the customer collected they must deliver back, if the item was posted it must be posted back to an address which will be given when an intent to return is made. We may offer alternative arrangements for returns but this will be at our sole discretion.

If the customer does not return a product to us that they wish to get a refund from within 30 days or makes it unnecessarily difficult for us to collect a product that they wish to return and a satisfactory arrangement is not made and completed within 30 days, we may refuse the return, including re-invoicing the customer if they have already been refunded as an act of good faith.

Refunds will be made by a payment method of our choice and this will be final.

If we believe the refund is fraudulent in any way at all we reserve the right to deny a return or refund request without explanation.

We must receive an request to return in writing to our email address, contact form on the website, by phone or in person within 14 days of the date and time of purchase (where purchase time is recorded) or by the end of the 14th day (where time of purchase is unrecorded) we do not need a reason for the request unless it is due to a fault in which case we must have an explanation of the fault.

For hygiene reasons, certain items can not be returned at all, whilst some can not be returned once the packaging is opened, these items will have this fact marked on the product page and receipt/delivery note.

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