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Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding Mobility Scooters - these fold either electrically with a remote control or manually, into a small package around the size of a suitcase, they are great for shopping, coach trips or plane journeys. Pay attention to the folding mechanisms and weight though, automatic folding mobility scooters can weigh in excess of 30kg (66lbs) which is much too heavy for many people to lift, in this case you will need either an able bodied person to help you or an aid such as a hoist to lift the scooter in to the car for you, Manual folding scooters can be lighter but still may be to heavy for some people, if this is the case you could try a portable boot scooter that comes apart into pieces. Due to the folding nature of these scooters battery life is usually 10 miles or less and they are best kept on smooth terrain. Lights and suspension are very rare in the effort to save weight, top speed is 4mph.

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